Interior Designers

The majority of my clients are interior designers. My abstract paintings are listed on my website with retail prices.

However, all designers can purchase my paintings at wholesale prices which are discounted up to 25% off the retail price.

How do I work with interior designers? Some designers just purchase my paintings off of my website for their clients. But most hire me to paint commissions.


"Almost home"

This painting measures 16x20" and is available. 

"Perfect Day"

This painting measures 16x20" and is available.

"Day Dreamer "

This painting measures 16x20" and is available.


When a designer approaches me with an art commission I usually create 5 small sample paintings on paper. The sample paintings are based on the design photos, fabric samples, color palette and requests of the designer's client. It only takes me a few days to create the small samples. I send them to the designer so they can present the ideas to their client. Once approved, the painting is created from the chosen sample in the specified size.

Please contact me by phone or email (listed below) anytime if you would like to discuss my art!


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