For the Trade

Interior Architects and Designers.

I am actively pursuing partnerships with innovative designers and interior architects. If you think that my work would complement your aesthetic or would be suitable for a particular project I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you. 

Commissions are welcome and I am open to discussing working with specific design criteria.

The majority of my clients are interior designers. My abstract paintings are listed on my website with retail prices.

However, all designers can purchase my paintings at wholesale prices which are discounted up to 25% off the retail price.

"Almost home"

This painting measures 16x20" and is available. 

"Perfect Day"

This painting measures 16x20" and is available.

"Day Dreamer "

This painting measures 16x20" and is available.


When a designer approaches me with a commission, I create 5 small sample paintings on paper. The sample paintings are based on the design photos, fabric samples, color palette and requests of the designer's client. It only takes me a few days to create the small samples. I send them to the designer so they can present the ideas to their client. Once approved, the painting is created from the chosen sample in the specified size.

How can I help you?

  • I am a seasoned and professional artist.

As an artist, I have experience working with galleries, interior designers, and clients. I know that deadlines and budgets are vital to your clients and that change is part of the design process and to be expected. I am committed to helping you meet your deadlines and budgets while maintaining creativity and a high standard of quality for your clients.

  • flexibility and creativity.

    I do all my own design, editing and customization. I am happy to work on customizing existing work, or on brainstorming new ideas based on your specific needs to help you solve the most difficult design problems for your clients.

    My unique art process allows me to quickly produce commissioned artwork with a particular palette, style or size in mind. I can use your fabric swatches, paint samples, even photographs of your project as inspiration. My aim is to create striking and beautiful contemporary art, tailor made for your project or space.


  • My art is made with love and passion.

    My work is my passion, so I use only highest quality materials to make it. All my prints are archival quality, using the finest pigment based inks and museum quality paper. I have established partnerships with the highest quality print makers, fabricators and framers.


  • COMPETITIVE pricing.

    I offer a 20% trade discount, with a 25% discount for volume.

Please contact me by phone or email (listed below) anytime if you would like to discuss my art!

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