, Myra Lynne is capturing the pure and joyful essence of connecting with the world around us. The Minneapolis-based visual artist has channeled her passion for animals and the natural world into colorful and captivating expressions of life. Whether mixed media, acrylic, or oil painting, her distinctive combination of vivid palettes with gestural mark making convey a peaceful tranquility she hopes to instill in her viewers.

Born and raised in the Midwest Myra always had a passion for creating. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where she explored her passion for creativity with a minor in Art, but decided to pursue
more corporate ventures following her academic career. Her art soon became her personal escape from the stresses of corporate America. In her paintings, she was able to fantasize. She dreamed of a world she hoped to see in the future and the life she wanted for herself. Consumed by the insatiable need to bring her visions to life, she allowed her creativity to flow in bright colors and smiling animals that radiated a ceaseless joy. It was the pandemic that gave her a glimpse at what her life as an artist could be and so, she made a commitment to chasing her passion.

Myra has since exhibited in numerous tent shows and galleries including Edina Fall into Arts, Art-A-Whirl, Powderhorn Art festival, and St Paul Art Crawl as well as completed an apprenticeship for a long-term commercial artproject in Georgia.