I am a spirited animal lover and visual artists based out of Minneapolis. I enjoy mixed media, mark making, and much more. I often sit down at my desk with a large assortment of supplies and listen to my imagination.  My favorite subjects to paint are animals, landscapes, flowers, and people.

I grew up in the midwest and graduated from UW Stout in 2011 with a minor in art. Listening to my parents’ advice I spent the next 10 years in corporate America becoming a marketing manager. After a long stressful day at work, I would come home and let my creativity flow through painting. Soon I was spending all day thinking about my paintings. I started to paint the world I wanted to see and started dreaming again. The bright colors and smiling animals brought me joy after long days of meetings. I was put on temporary leave during the pandemic and had a taste of what my dream life would be. I went back to work for a while but it all seemed meaningless. I would stare out the window dreaming. I had a taste of what life could be and planned for the first time a dream life. For the first time since I was a kid, I feel alive.

My whimsical optimistic style has brought joy to so many people. My highest desire is to inspire others with feelings of peace and joy while creating a connection with nature. I have done numerous tent shows, gallery group shows, and was an apprentice for a month in Georgia working on commercial artwork.