Minneapolis Fine Artist

I create bright paintings of animals, flowers, and people. I often sit down at my desk with a variety of supplies and that is what I use to create for the day. I love inks, watercolors, spray paint, art crayons, and much more. I finish my work with a layer of oil paint.

  By far my favorite subjects are animals. I started out with pet portraits and learned as much as I could about how to paint fur and features.  I painted 20+ works of my animals before I moved on to painting friends and families' beloved pets. I loved every moment of this process. The joy that it brought people wasn’t bad either. I loved playing with colors, different types of fur, and getting their unique expressions just right, to convey personality. The joy people felt after getting a painting of their pets is unmatched.

Ultimately, I want people to feel more joy and keep that idea in mind when I create the work. 2020 taught me that life is short and sometimes we just need something beautiful.