Artist Statement

In a sea of vibrant colors and gestural marks, viewers find peace and joy in my dreamlike escapes. In acrylic, oil, and mixed media paintings, I bring together the facets of the world that have continually excited and inspired me. While I often explore landscapes or floral scenes, animals have become the primary subject within my practice. A lifelong fascination with wildlife is illuminated in my whimsically optimistic style. Figurative in nature, these majestic creatures and intriguing individuals are complemented by abstract backgrounds consumed by neonic palettes.

Through integrating the psychology of color, the vitality and stories behind my subjects evoke a series of emotions, memories, and experiences that relate to viewers. The pure essence of nature, landscapes, and especially animals offer deeper insights into the way we connect, the way we see the world around us, and the way we understand ourselves. These revelations are what I hope to share with each and every viewer of my work. In each brushstroke or expressive gesture on the canvas, I hope that the joy that is sparked in me as I depict these extraordinary beings radiates and continues to inspire others.