The Print Collection

The Print Collection

Hi All!

I have been doing so many art fairs lately and it has been great to know what people really like! I have added my best selling prints to my etsy store for you!

My number one seller! I honestly didn't predict this one but this is the one that gets commented on the most & purchased. One woman said that i must make a story book with this guy.

purchase here

This one is eye catching from across the room! It is the 2nd best seller and for some reason men are really drawn to this one! I keep getting asked if it was created with chalk! It was made with radiant oil paint!

(The Original is still available!)


This one is a really close 3rd. He was so fun to make that I was really hoping people would love him as much as I do. Honestly when I sold the original my heart was a little broken.

collect him here

This is a newer one to the prints & the original sold the first time I put it out there. These colors are unmatched and the baby so adorable.

get it here

Thank you so much for following along with my journey and checking out my art. It is such a joy to bring it to you!



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