The Cyanotype Collection - Sneak Peak

The Cyanotype Collection - Sneak Peak

This collection was my absolute favorite to make. I spent so many months creating this collection. I would start in the morning by putting the cytotype solution on the paper in my darkroom. Then I would drink my coffee & prepare the items to make the prints. When the paper was dry, I would spend the day in the sun creating the art. I wasn't hindered by my lack of skill, as I have been in the past. I was able to play with freedom knowing the art would be what it would be. It was a great exercise in letting go. Cyanotype is an old photographing method. Engineers used cyanotype to create what we call blue prints. Botanists used cyanotype to capture plants. I used it to create a collection of art. I wanted to highlight some of my favorites from this collection.

<--- This one is 11 inches x 10 inches on thick watercolor paper. The beautiful pattern was created from our placemats. I had so much fun gathering items from the house trying to think of what would make a beautiful impression. This placemat was used a lot in this collection and each time it was beautiful.

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This 9x12 beauty is on watercolor paper. -->

It was created with a carnation from the the Minneapolis

farmers market. I actually had to add the leaves to the side for this piece to fill it out. I love this one since it really looks like an antique blue print with the white spots.

I am still available here.

<--- Ah this one! It reminds me of a vintage carousel. Am I right? I made several pieces using the same carousel figurine but each one came out so different & unique. During this I learned that it is impossible to replicate in cyanotype. Each piece has a life of its own and they are all one of a kind.

This one was the only one I could get with blooms. -->

A bloom is a flow mark created when liquid is added to an already drying wash.

I tried so many times to create more with this effect but this is the only one. It was a happy and beautiful accident. The flower used in this piece was a bleeding heart i found in our yard.

The reason I say found is our home is so new and the previous owner left us with such a beautiful garden I was able to enjoy to create this collection. It was an amazing way to experience my new home & yard. If you would like to purchase pieces from this collection click here! I hope you enjoyed this art tour and I hope to bring you on many more!


Myra Lynne

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