Sneak Peak - The Landscape Collection

Sneak Peak - The Landscape Collection

This landscape collection is a unique one for me. There will be watercolors, oil paintings, alcohol ink's, and more as a part of this collection. It was so much fun for me to explore landscapes in depth by using different medias.

My husband and I unusually travel to 4 places a year. It is something that brought us closer in the last few years. I love exploring other cultures and seeing the beauty the world has to offer. I was bummed about halting our travel for the year. So, I decided to work on a landscape collection so we could all travel together.

Here are a few of the pieces that are part of the collection & a stories behind their creation.

<--- 8x12 paper

It seems fitting to start out with watercolor since it is my first art love.

This piece took me to a night time beach. I honestly don't know why this reminds me of Iceland it just does. The cool colors make me think of cooler weather & the time i enjoyed looking at the stars in Iceland.

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10x13 on watercolor paper

In this piece you are transported to a field of purple flowers and pink sunset. Since i live in a cold state it was nice to dream of warmer days & the flowers that will be coming soon!

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<-- 9x12 oil painting on canvas board

This one was created as part of a new art program I started in January. The underpainting for this is super bright. (brighter than the current piece.) Then there is a layer of darker paint & the highlights of brighter colors. I really over the abstract nature of this piece. I had so much fun being free.

I feel like the colors take you to a colorful world that is only available in art.

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9x12 on oil painting on canvas board -->

Here is another abstract oil painting. I had so much fun making the one above it that I made a second painting. It isn't as bright as the painting above but the colors are so rich and beautiful. The darks are darker and the yellows are pretty bright. I loved painting the mountains and hills. Where i live there are no mountains so i really enjoyed painting them.

available here

<-- 5x9 yupo paper

I still remember the day I created this piece. I was in my ventilated studio. Playing with alcohol inks for one of the first times. I got out the can of compressed air and created a mountain. I have tried and failed to recreate something similar many times but this happy accident. It is one of a kind & cannot be repeated.

I could go on and on with the stories of this collection and I have wrote down the stories in the descriptions of the pieces.


Myra Lynne

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