Sneak Peak - The Alcohol Ink Collection

Sneak Peak - The Alcohol Ink Collection

This was my first collection of artwork I ever made. Before this I was putting up art as a made it and it. There was no cohesiveness to the work one day it would be a watercolor animal portrait the next day acrylic flowers. This was the first intentional collection of work I made. I learned so much while creating this collection and have beautiful memories of all of these works.

<--- This piece is a 5x7 on yupo paper. Yupo paper is a special glossy paper made for alcohol inks.

This piece took a log time to create. It was done in multiple layers until I was happy with the result. I had so much fun adding all the circles.

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I love this one! I loved the blue and was playing with adding new colors to it. I added a deep red to this one and love the effect of it shinning through the piece.

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<--- This 5x7 on yupo paper

This one reminds me of the galaxy. The colors just flow and it looks like clouds. I am loving the purple and blues on this piece. I also really love the silver at the bottom.

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