Resin or Modge Podge?

Resin or Modge Podge?

I have been noticing a trend, artists have been putting their prints on blocks of wood. I like these from a consumer standpoint. I don't need to worry about framing these items once I get home. I have bought more art because it is ready to frame. I did some research to see how they were sealing the art to the wooden blocks. Resin and modge podge are both popular.


I had to do 2 layers since I didn't get the coverage I wanted. I found this process to be a bit nit-picky. It also takes 24 hours to dry. I do think that this has a nicer look if you can get it just right. Also, the Resin is very expensive for a layer but I do think it will be more protected. I have read cleaning the resin surface is easy. This has a glossy finish.

Modge Podge

I did several layers and let it dry over an hour or so. I think that this is a simpler and cheaper method of this process. It does the job you want and can look crisp. I do tend to like things that are more matt.

I will be testing both of these more and updating the blog with information as I go.

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