Framing Your Art on a budget

Framing Your Art on a budget

You love someones work but it doesn't come with a framing option. You want to make the piece look great in your home but you want to make sure you are getting the best deal.

There are a lot of framing options out there.

Michael's will frame your work.

There are local framing stores as well that have molds and can make beautiful frames.

You can just go pick up a frame from target.

OR you can do what i love to do

I THRIFT most of my frames. I used to get my frames from ikea when they came with real glass now most of them are plastic and i don't think they have a good look.

I make a day of going around getting beautiful frames and then spray painting them. I make sure i write down all the work that i want to frames sizes and hit up a bunch of local thrift stores. It is so much fun.

PS. It makes gallery wall so much better. You can get great frames with intricate details this way.

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