Animal Collection - Sneak Peak

Animal Collection - Sneak Peak

As many of you know animals are one of my favorite painting subjects. No matter how far I veer off and paint something else I always come back to animals. I am so excited to announce my first oil painting collection of animals.

Oil painting has been revered for a long time and the old masters used it. It is smoother and takes longer to dry than acrylic which could be part of the jump in price. I have been exploring oil painting for a while now and I am finally making work I enjoy. Here is what is part of the launch on May 20th!

Yak - Oil - 9x12 canvas board

This painting was created a lot brighter than i usually paint. It was so much fun to play with color and create this beautiful creature. In the fur there are yellows and pinks.

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Tiger - Oil - 9x12 canvas board

Tigers stand for fearlessness & strength. Lately, I have been very drawn to these animals. I think it may be that I am coming into my own and starting to do everything from a position of strength. Having these creatures around definitely helps me to remember to find my strength & face my fears.

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Bunny 8x10 - Oil - Canvas

I painted this guy on Easter this year. This is how I celebrated the holiday and I have to say it was so much fun that I may be doing more holiday themed work. It really helped me to feel connected to the holiday.

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Black Cat - Oil - 9x12 - canvas board

This painting was not painted in layers, it was painted in 1 go which is called alla prima or all in one sitting. I love this one because it reminds me of my kitty.

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Husky - Oil - 9x12 canvas board

Husky’s are intelligent and independent animals with never ending energy. It was so much fun to paint the eyes and get these beautiful blues in this painting. There are actually more than 5 layers of paint in the eyes alone. I wanted to capture the exact look of this beautiful dog.

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As always, thank you for reading! It is my greatest joy to share my work with the world!


Myra Lynne

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