Animal Collection

Animal Collection

If you haven't heard I love animals. Animals are probably consistently my favorite things to paint. I love their fur, the unique expression on their faces and their noses. If you cannot wait for the animal collection launching May 20th you can get these below.

This tiger painting started with collaged paper and ended with layers of oil paints. I did so many layers to get the effect of his fur that at some point I lost track. The vibrant red of the stars might be my favorite part of this piece.


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This piece was part of an exploration of painting animals. I wanted to convey the symbolism of wolves' while also bringing in the natural world.


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This was created one night while hanging out with my cat Xander. I love the idea of him hanging out in the purple & blue galaxy. Maybe that is what he sees all the time who knows.


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He has collage in the background with oil paint on top. I added the circus tent on the top of of his head because they he needed a bit more circus.


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Would you believe it if I told you I am afraid of birds? I actually started painting them to help with that fear and you know what it worked. I definitely am less afraid of them. I won’t be going to a bird sanctuary any time soon but i definitely don’t duck & run away as often.


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Thanks so much for following along! I cannot wait to share with you the new pieces i have been working on!


Myra Lynne

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