Why watercolor?

Why watercolor?

Last year, my husband and I purchased our first home. After years of living in a small apartment, I finally had a space to work on my art again. I started slowly with wine and painting classes. As my love of art took over again. I tried many art boxes to find my creativity again. I did pastels, drawing, acrylic painting, embroidery, building, sculpting and anything I could get my hands on. I was once again hooked by the art bug and I felt like myself again.

I started to do watercolor videos on youtube. At first, if frustrated me to no end. Watercolor is a temperamental medium. It takes a bit of work to figure out how to get rid of marks you don't want and to work with them. I love that it takes work and that I am learning with each project. There are so many beautiful things that I have learned to embrace like you can have the same outline and paint things the same and it will turn out different. I just love it. Every day is an adventure with watercolor. It also seems like I am going into a time in my life where I need to learn to let go and watercolor has been helping me with that as well.

I did watercolor a few times again and it frustrated me to no end. Once the color is down it is hard to take out. I had to learn to let go. The more I played with this new medium the more I just loved it. It became such a joy that I would look forward to spending my night working with this medium.

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