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Vision Board

Vision boards seem to be a trend right now. I haven't ever done a vision board. I am usually all scattered with my dreams and going after the ones I want when they occur to me. I don't usually set very long term goals. I am a checklist person that hopes to go on to the next thing.

I want 2020 to be the best year ever. I want to be seeing 2020 for the year! So I decided to research vision boards.You put the things you want for the year & encouragement on board to remind you of what you want. Then because you see it and think about it more you manifest it.

There are so many things that I want. It was hard for me to pick out what i want most. For me, I decided to change the vision board to more of a goal board since that is what I want. This year I want to reach 1,000+ followers on Instagram (I dreamed big and put 10K on there), Loose 30 pounds, and save money. Also in the right-hand corner put pictures of places I want to travel too. The people who do vision boards on youtube are very convinced in their "magic." I hope it helps me to have the best year ever. It never hurts to try new things!

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