• Myra Lynne

Instagram Hashtags

I have been researching Instagram for over 12 months now and taken several classes on the subject. Instagram is an amazing platform for artists but the hashtag game is still kinda a mystery.

No one on the internet seems to have the same method for the # game. Below are my best tips to up your hashtags for growth on Instagram.

  1. look at what hashtags the top people in your industry are using and the engagement on those posts & then start using those #'s on your posts.

  2. Look at #'s and the number of times they have been used it is better to use #'s with 500,000 - 1m uses

  3. Pay experts on fivver to give you some of their insights and #'s suggestions - some people were better than others & all had differing ideas on how to use #'s for growth

  4. There are sights you can pay for #'s that are trending (sprout social, #'s for likes, brand 24, awardo) I have not tried this yet.

  5. Use a site like tailwind for posts with hashtag suggestions. (This has helped me the most so far.)

Instagram is a long term marketing plan and i know that if you take some of these suggestions you will be well on your way to growth!




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