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Art classes worth paying for!

Well may i first suggest skillshare? There are so many classes for all types of art.

After you try that, let's say you really want to support an artist directly! Great I love that and am all for that! Here are some suggestions of artists classes i have tried.

The Mint Gardner - She has a skillshare class but also a patreon class. For 9 dollars a month she will have a line drawing for you and a few videos on how she paints the projects.

Jane Davenport - I am sure you have seen her supplies at your micheals store. She has books but also her own classes. I have only bought one of her classes but i learned so much that i can't wait to get the next one!

The Crafters Box - The supplies and videos are top notch but i must warn you your order will take a month (it is not the pandemic it was like that before). Once you know to expect that everything else about the product is amazing!

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