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Art Class Suggestions

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

So you want to get started taking some art classes? We are in quarantine still and there are so many online classes you could take! I have some great suggestions for you!

First i suggest trying Youtube there are so many great art tutorials on there and they are FREE!

Let's break it down by type of art on youtube.


Let's Make Art - Sarah Cray does an amazing job of breaking down hard art concepts. She is also quirky and fun so taking her classes are a must even if you don't like watercolor!

Jenna Rainey - Jenna has a fun atmosphere around her and she does a lot of beautiful paintings. She is also a great reference for business advice.


The Art Sherpa - She puts our so many art videos and they are all amazingly fun. She labels them by how hard they are in "hoots" which i just love. She puts out new videos based on trends and what her audience would like to paint. I recommend doing these with friends.

Painting with Jane - She has a variety of videos. I have only done a few of them so far but i recommend checking her out!

Trying New Crafts

The Happy Ever Crafter - Becca specializes in hand lettering but has a bunch of guest teachers on her channel. You can learn to draw flowers, paint in watercolors, & practical advice for art businesses.

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