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Art Burn Out?

This may seem a bit weird, Art is supposed to be relaxing right? Well, sometime we just over do it. Sometimes you look at that work and think i just don't like it. why am i doing this? I have some tips if you are feeling burn out.

1. Try something completely different. I often do kits from arts & crafts or the crafters box when i just need a change. Recently i did alcohol inks and it was a blast! I spent the whole weekend just doing that.

2. Read a book or watch a movie. There are so many books about art or if you are completely burned out read about anything. Turn that netflix on and just binge that show! DO IT.

3. Meditate, do yoga, or something physical. Sometimes we just need to focus on something else for a while and that is totally okay.

4. Do something you love with a friend. Friends are one of the best parts of life.

5. Rest & give it time. Unfortunately if you are feeling burned out you need to let it run its course. Take care of yours and you will know when you are ready to start again.


Myra Lynne

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