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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Wow! This year went by so fast. I just started painting again after over 10 years away from it.

I went to a few paint night classes and it was so much fun. I became obsessed and started doing several a month. I realized it was getting to be an expensive way to get back into my art. I decided to look into other options for my creativity. I started taking pastel & drawing classes. I found some youtube videos and started painting at home. I still had my acrylics from college & most of them were still good! The lifetime of paint is seriously amazing! Then I tried watercolor and it was the most frustrating medium I had worked with. It took several times of playing with it before I even started liking it. Now I am obsessed. Any time I can I am doing watercolor paintings. I think I paint at least 3 days a week. I stopped most other things in my life just so I can play with this temperamental and fun medium.

Years ago, I had a jewelry making business / costume making business. It is hard to make money making costumes since the materials are not cheap and it is very labor-intensive. I was making pennies on sales when I made them a reasonable price for clients. A friend started making jewelry and I was able to help her get started with her business. Then in the middle of helping her, I was like "I can & should do a watercolor business". That is how I got my start. I have had the dream of being an artist since before I applied for college. I went the practical route and I minored in art. I could hear the voices saying you won't make money. It is a competitive field. Well, here I am world doing what I love anyway. It took years to just try it but now is better than never.

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